School Song





We stand behind our school and strive for fame.

With sportsmanship we’ll try to beat our foes in every game.

We’ll fight until the battles won.

Until the sounding of the gun.

With colors flying high

We’ll raise our laurels to the sky.

And than we’ll cheer for deal old MHS

Our colors green and white

And lead them onto a victory

We know they’ll always fight

And though our team may lose a game now and than

We’re behind them right to the end.

So let us cheer for deal old MHS

The school that is the best—RAH!


Come on and fight Emeralds down the field

Fight for Victory

Fight Emeralds never yield

We’re with you O Varsity

Onward with banners bright

Our colors are the best

Fight for the green & white

Down the field for MHS

Victory, Varsity

Emeralds, we’re proud of our nickname

Hear our song loud & strong

Emeralds, we’re going to win this game




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